severe wound to a left foreleg

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Martha, a beautiful yearling sustained a severe wound to her left foreleg.

Her owner was travelling her in a brand new trailer, when a freak incident on the roads caused them to break suddenly. Martha went under the breast bar and her front leg went through the jockey door.

Her owner called the vets immediately and Jane King dually went straight to their yard.

Martha had sustained a large wound to her fore leg, the wound was inverted so Jane had concerns regarding the blood flow. Jane cleaned the site, stapled the vertical wound and sutured with stents across horizontal portion where most tension was needed. The leg was then dressed from forearm to fetlock and appropriate medication given.

Jane returned two days later to change bandage and see how Martha and her owner where getting on… There was quite a lot of blood on the dressings but the wounds all look clean and dry underneath.

Martha was fully weight baring but dragging her toe when walking, unable to flex the limb properly. Jane was hopeful that she would regain function as the swelling reduced, time would tell.

Martha was redressed under sedation over the coming weeks. We are pleased to report that with her owner’s patience and fabulous care Martha has made a full recovery.

The before and after pictures show just what horses can recover from! … We are delighted to see them in the show ring… and WINNING! 



Martha’s owner said… “After selling my small hunter due to having a baby, I bought Martha to be my future ridden show horse. I was so excited, she is my dream horse, she is a Part Bred Arab with fantastic breeding. Her sire is Stanley Grange Royal Appointment and she has Kilvington Scoundrel in her blood lines. We were on our way to my friend’s yard in preparation for Cumberland County Show when the accident happened. I had a bad feeling straight away and we pulled over to check her. Blood was just spraying everywhere. My partner said be prepared for the worst and I was absolutely devastated. Jane arrived within 30 minutes and yes, it was a hard few weeks with a lot of sedation and dressings but I'm so pleased with the results. I cannot thank Jane and the team at North West Equine Vets enough. Thanks to a team effort Martha can still continue with her showing career.”