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With the owner’s kind permission, we would like to share the story of Rosie Jo, one of our clients that had a very unfortunate field accident.
The below is written in her owner’s own words:

“I was bringing the horses in one afternoon in June when Rosie Jo came over to me.
I realised as she got closer she had injured her eye very badly. I called NWEV from the field and vet, Emily Willoughby arrived 15 minutes later.
Emily assessed the injury and we took her to Rathmell immediately. Unfortunately, the eye was too badly injured to save and Emily removed it the following morning.
Rosie Jo stayed in for 2 days and received excellent care. We were very worried at the time about how she would cope. After she was discharged she had to have a week off, but under the guidance of the vets we brought her back to work.
The first week we hacked her with Kate riding and us walking alongside. We then progressed to her hacking in company. The second week we took her to the beach. By week 3 she was back show jumping. Within 4 weeks she had competed and won a show jumping competition. Week 5 we were at craven doing cross country. 8 weeks on she has competed in her first one-day event since her injury and came 2nd “

It is great to see how well a pony can cope and indeed perform following such an injury. Rosie Jo’s success is testament to the aftercare that her owners have given her, their careful return to ridden work and the strong bond that she has with her jockey.
We wish them all the very best and look forward to hearing of even more competition success!